Thursday, 7 June 2012

Restaurant Toqué- Montreal

Had the pleasure of dining at Restaurant Toqué in Montreal over the May long weekend. My best friend from kindergarten(!) came with me, celebrating her birthday. She had never had a tasting menu before, so I felt it necessary to pop her culinary cherry!

There was 8 courses in all, and we declined the wine flight (mostly whites, gah). Two standouts from the night were the Arctic Char, chunks of raw Arctic char, in a melange swirl of amazing flavour combinations, strawberries, spinach, creme fraiche, all in one of the nicest presentations I've seen in a while. Almost too pretty to eat.

I sorely wished for the cheese plate would feature some glorious Quebecois fromage, but unfortunately we got stuck with this, goat cheese mousse fluffed up to look like a fried egg. Very cool concept, which for a tasting menu I adore the bold choice, just wish I could have been mentally prepared for it first.

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