Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Menchies Fro-Yo

I took the wee ones to Menchies at Yonge by Lawrence the other day. With the warm weather here, and all the buzz circulating about this American import, I needed to know the truth. Does Menchies compare to Pinkberry? What about my Canadian go-to Yogen-Fruz? Summer is around the corner and I NEED to know, where do I safely spend my frozen yogurt bucks?

A simple enough concept- Menchies does the whole lazy 'do it yourself' mantra. Enter, get a one-size fits all cup and select a flavour from the frozen wall of upgraded slurpee machines, then toss on some 'toppings' and weigh in.

Simple enough, right? Well sure, unless you take into account the flavour options. We tried Pina Coloda (topped with fresh pineapple), Mango (topped with sprinkles) and Strawberry (topped with fresh gummie bears and when I wasn't looking sprinkles too). There are two topping 'bars', one with the candy-type options (sprinkles, gummy worms/bears, marshmallows, chocolate chips, lucky charms, well, you get the idea) or the healthier toppings, which were largely fruit based. Dairy free options are available as well, so no lactose, no problem.

We weighed in after getting our cups in order (also upgradeable to waffle cups), which came to almost a full pound of yogurt. Before settling in (ample seating is much appreciated) to the modern and spacious neon surroundings the helpful cashier gave my kiddos stickers, tattoos and the little fold up cars that they are currently giving out. I'm all for corporate branding, but the tattoos were in the garbage before we hit the sidewalk.

Taste test wise, I gotta say, I prefer the Yogen. The texture is just strange, maybe it's the low-fatness of it all, but it tasted gritty. The Pina Coloda was absent of the coconut/pineapple mash up that you come to expect, and that was WITH the addition of actual pineapple. The strawberry was much the same, pink blandness melting as fast as my hopes for a frozen yogurt alternative to Yogen-Fruz.

All in all, very kid friendly. The peace and quiet from them eating their low fat, high sugar combos was worth the expense. For my caloric intake, I'll save it for the fruz!

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