Friday, 4 May 2012

Cowbell- New Orleans

While visiting friends in Central City, they eagerly suggested we eat at Cowbell. With its kitschy décor and chuggable ‘adult’ pops Cowbell was a delicious alternative to the gumbos that I’d been mass eating since I got there.

We shared a portion of the mac n’ cheese ($6, which is usually a side for the ribeye). It was heavenly, so cheesy with crunchy little tiny breadcrumbs and parmesan dusting on top. The sauce is a delicate balance of gruyere, aged white cheddar in a heavily reduced cream sauce. Shallots, thyme and peppers increase the adult quotient and allow the dish to stand on its own two feet, although a whole portion of just these tasty tubes would likely guarantee a blissful carb induced nap.

Up next, under direct pressure from my table mates I ordered the Cowbell Natural Beef Burger ($10.95 + $2) topped with apple wood smoked bacon and a fresh farm egg. I was impressed. Although the fries were a titch soggy, the burger commanded my full attention anyhow. The egg was pleasantly runny, ensuring it was a 10-paper-napkin-meal. Fresh thick tomatoes, rings of red onions and crispy lettuce upped the nutritional value, but the cholesterol crescendo took over. I did not finish the burger and every time a hunger pang hits I’m reminded of what could have been.  
Chef Brack May and his partner in business and life Krista Pendergraft-May run the ship so if you’re in the Central City part of New Orleans drop in, and come hungry. This place rocks. Also, go by the Maple Leaf bar down the street and let me know if it’s a good time. Place was so rammed I couldn’t be bothered!

Cowbell is located at 8801 Oak Street ring ‘em at 504-298-8689.

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