Monday, 7 May 2012

Cafe du Monde- New Orleans

Café du Monde is a mandatory stop on any New Orleans trip, so we buckled on a Saturday morning and lined up like sheep for the ‘best beignets’ in NOLA.  The line moved quickly, shockingly, since there’s no hostess or staff assisting you. It’s best to push yourself through and grab the first (dirty) table.

While wait staff mostly grunt at you, the menu is your choice of beignets, or more beignets, and of course, the popular chicory coffee. Having heard so many glorious things about square patches of deep fried dough, expectations were high. So was my blood sugar. With three to an order, I ate maybe 1/3 of my beignet, leaving the other 2 to my pal. Sage advice from a friend who had eaten there before ‘Don’t wear black, or you’ll look like a coke fiend after’. Well said LP. They were absolutely covered in fluffy icing sugar.

So do you absolutely HAVE to go to Café du Monde? No. There is another place in the French Quarter that serves up beignets, shockingly called Café Beignet. I did not get the opportunity to sample these ones for comparison, but there’s always next time.

Café du Monde is located at 800 Decatur Street.

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